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Whatever the nature of your exploration, we aim to deliver exceptional results using a cost-effective model. While there is great value in completing the ScoreCard, there are huge benefits to completing a full TransMind Discovery process with us. We aim to see results within 10 sessions and are fully committed to helping you achieve the results you set out for. If you share our commitment, there is nothing to prevent you seeing real change in your life strategy and behaviour.

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Professional Discovery
Perfect for professionals looking to adjust, grow and strengthen their skills; Harness and empower your intrinsic Brain system, develop your internal blue print, and unlock your full potential.
  • Follow up sessions £ 265 each
From £ 395
TransMind Retreat

For an overhaul of your strategy, rediscovering your authenticity and developing full awareness, you will benefit from the TransMind Retreat. Unplugged from the world, either on our farm in France or completed remotely in an agreed location, we will guide you on a journey unlike anything you have done in your life. Full commitment will yield incredible results.

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Basic report
You will become acquainted with your two most obvious character traits. You will also get an insight into the direction of your life that is the best for your development. Lastly, you get a theoretical insight, so that you understand why the given direction is the best for you.
  • 9 pages
£ 54
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If you have queries regarding multiple ScoreCards, or even mass-screening options, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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