Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Michael Jordan


The pressures experienced by elite athletes today (on and off the field) can have a profound impact on their performance. The Organic ScoreCard is a brilliant way of gauging team and individual dynamics. Through careful analysis of a team’s profile, we can illustrate, define and implement the best way of drawing optimum performance from participants on a psychological level.

This is a comprehensive break down on how a sporting programme might look:

  • Completion of the Organic ScoreCard and Individual Feedback (Recorded);
  • Candidate:
    • Receives the Organic ScoreCard magic link;
    • Completes assessment;
    • Receives feedback online;
    • Will start six months of daily personal development mapping;
    • Daily performance monitor (could be included in white label R360 app, to be discussed).
  • Combination scores, team dynamics TransMind:
    • Process results of all team members;
    • Identify teams inner drive rather than acquired and controlled behaviour;
    • Reveal awareness as well as unconscious energy in the brain.
  • In depth exploration of growth with management:
    • Develop an action plan for a growth trajectory;
    • Plan personal and team development;
    • Map insights at the level of intrinsic motivation and consciousness;
    • Assess intrinsic consciousness that drives behaviour;
    • Map and identify growth areas;
    • Allow real time interventions if necessary;
    • Validate and reinforce current strength.

Acquiring detailed intelligence on the brain strategy of individuals at a neuroscientific level will allow you to monitor and guide your players in a revolutionary and high-impact way, generating optimal performance.