I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people not on strategies. Lawrence Bossidy

Human Resources

Stepping into the “Mind” Field of Team Building

Building a productive workforce is a challenging and continuously evolving process. There are numerous ingredients that contribute to a brilliant workforce—characters, skillsets, abilities, insights, personalities, ambitions—some of which are visible from the start.

However, there are very often characteristics that are invisible, and the latter can become problematic. If you wish to create a high performing ‘dream team’, it helps if you are able to manage your workforce from the start, putting chance to one side. Historically candidates are picked using intuition, careful interview strategies, not to mention liking possible employee and unfortunately there isn’t really a watertight way of making sure you are hiring the right person.

This is where the Organic ScoreCard delivers, in pre-employment, during employment, and, sometimes in employment termination, and helping you and your exiting personnel through smooth transition.

Defining the best candidate: no more regrettable hires

To achieve the best workforce, you need to employ the best candidate. TransMind will ask you to define the desired outcome of the person you plan to hire along with the job description. Once you have a shortlist of candidates, applicants for the position will be asked to complete the Organic ScoreCard. We will conduct a thorough assessment of their subconscious strategy, ensuring that the participant is well positioned for the role, or if indeed they may be suited to another role.

Reviewing Progress: improving your Staff performance and wellbeing

The Organic ScoreCard is an invaluable feature in conducting Performance Development Planning meetings (PDPs). These are normally conducted on a quarterly basis, confirming an aligned direction, measurements of success, and the goals of the team. A bi-annual assessment will enable you to monitor the application and strategy of your team members and ensure that they are working to their full potential.

TransMind will deliver measurable tracking of your teams skills and abilities. It might be that some employees require additional support, whether it be for their mental health or perhaps to assist them through challenging projects; helping to improve their strategy and ability to work and contributing to their continuous professional development. Our process can bolt onto traditional coaching or be applied independently within the business, and offers a much deeper insight into the psyche of the participant. With TransMind, Human Resources can benefit from insights into their staff to make sure you encourage their best performance, and they too get the best from themselves.

Training: identifying opportunities for growth

The Organic ScoreCard can be implemented in training exercises, helping an organisation to build an effective, outstanding workforce. Sometimes team members can compare results, helping to build a healthy coexistence and understanding of one another. Furthermore, employee orientation can be effectively steered using our guidance and insights into your personnel.

Termination of Employment: a smoother goodbye

It is essential to treat every termination as an opportunity for your organisation to study and improve its hiring, training and support, bearing in mind that this can create a more nurturing environment for a successful replacement. Using the Organic ScoreCard to track all of your employees allows you to remain connected to the needs of your staff and give them the best possible foundation for a successful career within your organisation. Even those that leave will be able to recognise that you offered the extra layer of care.