Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Aristotle

The Organic ScoreCard: An overview

Behaviour stems from a mixture of awareness, patrons, influences, beliefs and hopes culminating in a reaction to what’s happening. Insight and understanding of your behaviour is important for living and working together in a happy and successful way; even more so when the possible effects of your behaviour have an huge impact on your life (and other people’s).

Our specialised coaches will understand your field and listen to your questions. They will identify the best method of application and help you implement it effectively. TransMind uses tailor-made exercises to help you on your journey in becoming the best version of yourself. All you have to do is tell us your circumstances, and we’ll guide you the rest of the way.

We have created the following videos to give you a better understanding of the application of the assessment, and a glimpse into the power of the Organic ScoreCard and the TransMind family.


Marc Grond explains awareness and how behaviour and awareness interacts. He relates this to the brain and explains the red, blue and yellow elements of the Organic ScoreCard.


Marc Grond explains the process and benefits of using the Organic ScoreCard in a team. The Organic ScoreCard is a powerful tool for a manager. He explains what a correlation score is.

Inner Story

Marc Grond explains that the Organic ScoreCard helps “me” talk to “myself”. The Organic ScoreCard helps you see your full self.


Marc Grond explains that the Organic ScoreCard helps a manager see beyond the words being exchanged within a team. It helps the manager look at the awareness that is determining the success of the team.

The Organic ScoreCard

Marc Grond explains what the Organic ScoreCard is exactly. It is a graph that gives you feedback on your awareness. There are three levels of ScoreCard coaches.

Organic Theory

Marc Grond explains how the Organic ScoreCard and its theory came to be.

Personal Growth

Marc Grond explains the role the Organic ScoreCard plays in helping you identify your authentic self. It helps you identify your longing and work towards a more fulfilled life.


Marc Grond explains that trauma blinds you to the lessons you learn in life. The Organic ScoreCard focusses on the period in which trauma took place rather than going into detail about the event. This gives you insight into the messages from your life you might have missed because of trauma.

Student Awareness

Marc Grond explains what type of awareness makes you a good student. Students who are innovative and initiative taking struggle in high school and often succeed at university.

If you wish to learn more or perhaps just want to reach further into the world of TransMind, please contact us, or try the Organic ScoreCard today.