If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. Isaac Newton


If you are aiming to bring your business, management, team or just yourself to outstanding levels of performance, then completing the Organic ScoreCard (OSC) should be a top priority. TransMind will show you, on a subconscious/conscious strategic level, what your team has, what it wants, and what it needs.

Let us explain

If you can observe organisations as living wholes, then its participants (employees) are the cells. A living organism only remains healthy if all its cells are healthy.

When we talk about the OSC in organisational environments, it is always about getting the best out of people: their original talents and motivations. This allows the interests of individual employees to not always align with the immediate interests of the organisation.

Working with the OSC in organisations has a number of variations in addition to this common thread:

  • Individual coaching, based on individual ScoreCards;
  • Executive coaching. Focused on work-related and career-oriented matters, where the personal original strength is always the starting point. This is intended for senior management and management;
  • Career coaching. Get your head clean to better take the next step. Intended for the younger generation of promising toppers in the making;
  • Elimination and prevention of failure. If it becomes too much, the bow has been or is about to be stretched too long and too far. Reset and restart. Intended for anyone who wants to balance work and private life.

In any case, developing a strong team that pulls in the same direction is of paramount importance. Using the Organic ScoreCard to explore team dynamics will enable your workforce to deliver extraordinary results.

Picture this scenario

Four friends who go to the movies, not because any one of them wanted to, but because each assumed that one of the others wanted to. This assumption is known as the ‘uninvited guest’.

This can happen in day-to-day life, socially, but it is equally prevalent in the workplace. The key is that your teams decision can often be influenced by the assumptions of other people’s expectations. In literature this might be better termed “collective stupidity”. Using the ScoreCard we are able to limit or completely eradicate the ‘uninvited’ guest from the board room, making sure your executive or team decisions are well founded, and best for your operation.

TransMind also delivers Team coaching, based on individual ScoreCards and Correlation ScoreCards (the uninvited guest that has the power):

  • Get even better, more ‘Team’, more success, more fun. For ambitious teams and their managers;
  • Problem solving. Things are not going well, there are conflicts or too much ‘fuss’. Looking for causes and solutions;
  • New team member or new manager. Who is the best fit and with whom is the growth optimal?

If the best strategy is doing the best with what you have, here’s the opportunity for any organisation: TransMind yourself!


Marc Grond explains that the Organic ScoreCard helps a manager see beyond the words being exchanged within a team. It helps the manager look at the awareness that is determining the success of the team.