You have power over your mind—not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength. Marcus Aurelius

The Organic ScoreCard

The Organic ScoreCard is a revolutionary and scientifically validated assessment designed to provide detailed insight into what your behaviour is, why you display this behaviour and what you actually want to achieve in life with your behaviour. It shows you why your brain keeps you from fulfilling your true desires and your greatest potential; and at the same time illustrates how you can take the necessary steps to achieve imagined (or unimagined) potential and happiness in life.

Advantages and effects of the Organic ScoreCard

Why we use the Organic ScoreCard

Human beings try to construct the most appropriate way to deal with life. A collection of experiences, interpretations and images. We call this collection a life strategy.

The life strategy that people use consists of parts from a time in their past when they were useful and effective. However, today, these parts can block meaningful behaviour and hamper optimal growth. The Organic ScoreCard (OSC) offers an ‘x-ray’ of this life strategy. It gives a picture that shows you where you really want to grow, why you are obstructing your own growth (old obstacles) and what you can do to step into this natural longing for growth. A score is always neutral. The context determines the extent to which this score helps you. The statements you score within the OSC focus on core affinities (that you may be or not be aware of). This creates an honest and open picture of who you really are at that specific point in time and what your opportunities and capacities are.

The OSC gives insight into your own personal strategy of life. The OSC is Organic, because it is about life. It is about growth up until this point and about continuous growth. Scores make the organics measurable. Scores make the organics ‘objective’. Scores open up the opportunity to measure awareness varieties and growth over time or in groups. The OSC is about the graphical display of the results. The graphs and statistics provide detailed information

Brain Strategy

Our contexts often determine behaviour. It is thus important to look beyond behaviour to understand why people act like they do. Understanding the brain strategy gives insights into the origin of our behaviour. This usually leads to sustainable change. If all impressions in life would be totally and properly ‘digested’ our behaviour would be ‘authentic’. All our previous impressions have accumulated in our brain. That is what is shown in our Organic ScoreCards. It is an ‘x-ray’ of our personal life strategy. However, this strategy is often based on ‘historical’ circumstances and our reactions to such circumstances.

Diagnostic tool

  • It shows our inner drive rather than acquired and controlled behaviour.
  • It reveals our awareness as well as the unconscious energy used in our brains.
  • It can help us develop an action plan for a growth trajectory.
  • It can help us reflect on our own development based on a personalised ScoreCard.
  • It deepens our insights at the level of intrinsic motivation and consciousness.
  • It assesses intrinsic consciousness that drives behaviour.
  • It identifies growth areas.
  • It makes real-time consciousness interventions possible.
  • It appreciates and validates current strengths.

All Behaviour stems from Awareness

Awareness is divided into 12 ‘windows’ through which one can look at the world. In Organic Theory these windows are called domains. They are the ‘windows’ upon which we build our vision of the opportunities in the world around us.

If we do not see the ‘windows’ we have opened and the ones that are closed our behaviour will stay the same.

This inner logic contributes to coherent behaviour. We have a brain strategy and it plays out in our behaviour. The OSC makes our brain strategy visible in the 12 domains.

Brain systems

The Organic ScoreCard divides the brain into three systems, taking an ‘x-ray’ of your brain systems and identifying which parts you are using in your strategy.

Better still, we are able to offer methodical and enjoyable exercises tailored to your unique set of results aimed at developing and expanding your strategy and growth. Once completed, you are able to re-do the assessment to see how far you have come!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to find out more, its probably time to get in touch, take the assessment, or perhaps consider becoming a coach.