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TransMind International is a collaboration of passionate and enthusiastic professionals who guide individuals, teams and organisations. We share a common goal: helping people develop and grow, providing support and offering measurable outcomes.

We work in an organic way; helping our customers find and develop their internal strengths and talents.

We do this using the Organic ScoreCard, a revolutionary online assessment that provides detailed insight into:

  • Behavioural tendencies in any given scenario
  • Why someone exhibits particular behaviour (how it is controlled by the brain)
  • Where that control originates from (what role a person’s ‘past’ plays in the ‘present’)
  • What someone can do to retrieve their originality (inner health as fuel for personal development)

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TransMind International in Numbers

  • TransMind International consists of circles of people, starting with our TransMinders, a group of 16 partners, thinkers and participants in the Netherlands and in South Africa.
  • Surrounded by 20 Organic Coaches trained by us, all of whom are high-frequency users of the Organic ScoreCard.
  • There is a cohort of some 230 coaches actively using the Organic ScoreCard to improve their clients’ lives.

Do you want to experience the ScoreCard, learn more or even become part of our network? Please contact us, and we will respond as soon as possible.